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As an Industrial Designer, I create tangible interactive objects to spark speculation about future scenarios and applications. In collaboration with experts and stakeholders to strive for more product engagement. 

We interact with products, services and tools all the time, in our everyday life. Either online or offline. I find it interesting to discover and explore new physical interaction methods, by rethinking current interactions and translating them towards the future. Here I am specifically interested in the early design and development stages. At those stages I can still inspire & provoke new experiences and apply my vision. All in all, I aim to inspire others and excite people with my material ideas, always collaboratively seeking for new tactile innovations.

The tech industry has expressed itself in the last decade by overflowing the market with digital devices and services. I think it is time to change and pursue technology from a less digital perspective, by zooming in on the materiality of tangible objects and seeing how to create new interaction possibilities. Finding the right balance between technology and tangibility is an essential part of this design process.  Using technology as a tool of creation to design tangible interactions.

During my career and study at Industrial Design at the University of Technology of Eindhoven, I have developed a passion for materials. Combining hands-on material explorations with design, makes me want to search for new material applications to drive innovation for both smaller scale companies as by contributing in larger R&D departments. 

My work is recognized by its visual communication, where I both highly value a refined aesthetic quality, and a direct visual translation of the designs possibilities. With the aim to visually transfer all information about its properties, without the need for additional text. This results in objects or visuals where different stakeholders can perceive different aspects, creating an instant open dialogue about the possibilities. With the eventual goal to unit people and merge new perspectives and approaches to map the needs of the future. 

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